Encouraging recovery makes a difference by assisting individuals suffering with the disease of addiction. Give us a call and we can assist you with placement to detox/short/long term rehab.


In her debut book Edna E. Roman depicts her relationship with an in the closet addict.


In memory of Jeremy Elijah Roman, A story about Love, Addiction and Faith, "Inspired By Jeremy"

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My Story


Encouraging Recovery was inspired by my ability to provide support and encouragement to individuals when I was employed at a substance abuse program in New Jersey. Initially, I was in the administrative capacity and later moved onto clinical support by providing placement to detox and residential programs. The exposure was life changing and made a huge impact in my life.  My determination to help those suffering with the disease of addiction has amplified after my nephew, Jeremy, died of an overdose on April 27, 2018. I pray that no one has to bear the pain and devastation of losing someone they love to addiction.  I am sharing my story hoping to break the cycle of destruction that addiction inflicts upon us. You may contact me to set up a speaking engagement. All proceeds will be used to meet our goals assisting the substance abuse population. 

Together we can make a difference.     Edna E. Roman

Restoring Our Community

Encouraging Recovery is currently strategizing to purchase and renovate a city-owned property and not only provide a safe haven, but a program house. A place where we will educate, guide and provide coping skills to those suffering with the disease of addiction.


The Center for Disease Control reports the following drug-related deaths: 

In 2016 NJ lost 2,200 lives

In 2017 NJ lost 2,620 lives

In 2018 NJ lost over  3,100 lives

In 2019 NJ Overdose deaths 3,021 with 15, 104 lives saved by Naloxone Adminstrations

Awareness and Intervention

Respect Yourself (short film) 

It's Important parents have conversations with their children about drugs. 

What Would You Do?

Warn, Prepare and Protect Our Children

Da Plot (short film)

Influence is everything. As parents and as adults in the community it's imperative that we warn students about bad influences that may approach them. Most times a predator is someone you are familiar with or have seen in your neighborhoods.

Community Outreach

Helping Hands 

A little kindness goes a long way. Always remember that people that suffer from the disease of addiction are human beings and they get tired too.  They are someone's son and someone's daughter.  The next time you see someone less fortunate you may be the answer to their prayers. 

If they suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction and they are ready for help, please refer them to Encouraging Recovery! We can help with getting them into a program. 

Honoring Our Loved Ones

If you have lost a loved one to addiction and would like to honor them on this website. You may submit a photo with date of birth and date of passing to: info@encouragingrecovery.com

Survivor's Testimony

If you would like to share your testimony on our website. Email us at: info@encouragingrecovery.com

Michelle's Story

Tiffany's Story


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